Keisuke – Year of the Crane [Self-Released]

Christopher Keisuke Iwatsu, who simply goes by Keisuke, is a UK based producer well-known for establishing forward-thinking party series like Ossia in Manchester. Now based in London, Mr. Iwatsu has dedicated himself to working on his own music, with plans to hit the underground by storm later this year with his debut vinyl release on Phonica Records.

Until then, Keisuke has plenty of music to whet the appetite of techno and deep house aficionados around the world. Titled Year of the Crane, the producer recently self-released an EP that features 3 brand new tracks. Although I have not listened to Keisuke before, I was immediately impressed by the range he exhibits on each of his tracks. From the peak-time shenanigans displayed in its title track, to the subdued, hypnotic swings of ‘Seconds,’ all the way down to the simplistic, yet regenerative qualities of ‘Born’ – Keisuke shows that he is more than capable of supplying the mood, no matter the occasion. With such a variety of melodies at this disposable, it will be interesting to see where Keisuke takes his productions as he continues to develop his own signature sound. He will certainly be one to watch out for during the upcoming months.

Purchase “Year of the Crane” here via Bandcamp