Jonahlo – Particles [Ritmo Terco]

After their debut vinyl release “Cosmic Vibrations” with Rush City x Handerk, the collective is prepared to introduce its second vinyl release. This time, one of the label’s founders, Jonathan Lopez A.K.A Jonahlo, aims to lead listeners on a psychedelic journey through his new EP titled “ACID DAYS.” The EP consists of four tracks, each guiding the audience through a distinct state of mind.

Jonahlo is recognized as an exceptional musician, jazz bass player, and producer hailing from Bogotá, Colombia. His music has been featured on renowned labels like Nomada Records, Night Young, and Otayana Records.

The voyage commences with “Acid Days,” an extraordinary Deep House anthem layered with evolving sounds, exquisite melodies, and uplifting chord progressions that induce a feeling of taking flight and experiencing pure positivity. The track incorporates samples from cinema that vividly portray the sensation of connecting with and becoming one with nature.

Next in line is “Particles,” where Jonahlo delves even deeper, conjuring hypnotic and far-reaching moods of melancholy. This track prompts contemplation of the boundless dimensions of the universe and envisions particles vibrating in sync as listeners plunge into profound introspection.

The album cover showcases the artistry of the incredible Colombian artist Jose Mejía. It depicts a flower undergoing a transformative process of self-exploration and emergence on the opposite side. This artwork symbolizes a journey of discovery, exploration, and renewal.

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