Jay Tripwire – Magnetosphere [Woodwork]

jay tripwire
Woodwork welcomes the legendary Jay Tripwire to the roster. A highly prolific producer with a solid signature sound and impeccable work ethic. For this EP, Jay turns out a wide range of interpretive productions based on the concept of the global effects of steadily occurring polar shifts.

‘Magnetosphere’ rattles and shakes free a calming groovy bassline embraced by a hypnotic ambient chord drone. Chanting vocals and ritual drumming lead into a brief break where the elements are momentarily disoriented. ‘Pole Reversal’ is a subversive electro track that unfolds in much the same vein. Humanized beat box percussion introduces a steady rolling bass flow. While a sweeping synth pad creates a soothing canopy over top. The occasional vocal hit chimes in with an abstract personal gesture. ‘12000 Year Shift’ has that classic sound that Jay Tripwire is known for. Smooth, deep, unwavering swells and stabs that circulate and layer in kaleidoscopic fashion. Classy, psychedelic, and soulful.

‘Ritual Vibration of Ancient Stories’ encapsulates the concept of the EP. It observes a cultural clash as disparate societies simultaneously experience world changing global events. The track follows a cinematic narrative but also remains highly playable as an abstract layer for the right kind of unusual moment.

‘Solar Blast’ again finds Jay Tripwire showcasing his taste and prowess for all things electro, breakbeat and sci fi. Minimal breaks and subconscious synth work are driven by a repetitive modulated bass line. Bringing things full circle is ‘Rotational Slowdown’. Sparse and minimal with a well worn bass pattern, trippy voices, deep pad drone, and a solid arrangement tailored for a late night deep set.

In the scope of the 6 tracks of this EP, Jay Tripwire is clearly practicing his own sonic Voodoo…some kind of ritual deep sorcery aligning his music to the shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles through a transcendental state.