Anaxander – For Cinthie [803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts]

anaxander - for cinthieCinthie’s 803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts returns this May with its second release, a split-EP from Anaxander and Azuni.

The 803 Crystal Grooves Collective cuts label was launched in 2019 by Cinthie as a platform for material from her collective of friends and producers she admires. The project was launched with a four-track VA featuring S3A, 9th House, KETTAMA and Asquith and here we see two new additions to the roster in the shape of France Anaxander and Azuni aka Washerman.

Anaxander leads with ‘For Cinthie’, fusing crunchy reverberated rhythms and bumpy bass hits with wandering, dynamic synth sequences and snaking resonant melodies. Azuni’s ‘Uranus’ follows next, perfectly weaving together airy dub chords, ethereal strings and a robust drum groove.

The second contribution from Azuni opens the flip side, entitled ‘Orkus’ and retaining a similarly dub-leaning aesthetic but embracing a more refined and reduced feel with a focus on subtle nuances of winding stab hits and a bouncy rhythm. Anaxander’s ‘Blackalitt’ then rounds out the release, switching things up to focus distorted, off-kilter percussion alongside an amalgamation of chopped vocal chants and classic rave stabs.