All Is Well – Forever And A Year [Compost Records / Drumpoet Community]

The stunning debut album from Fred Everything’s new project, All Is Well, ‘A Break In Time’ is an ambient album written during the lockdown as a sort of calming therapy / meditation exercise. The project quickly took form with a unique sonic identity and message inspired by this feeling isolation felt during that time. The album is about fragility, naivety, contemplating our vulnerability but also of our resilience and the feeling of alone/together.

This album might have taken less than a year to make, but it’s a culmination of influences drawing back to his early 90s growing up in Québec City. He was then known simply as Everything, performing live in Raves and Chill Out Room, armed with nothing but a 909, an SH-101 an Ensoniq EPS and a Quadraverb. His love for ambient music never faded. With early influences such as Carl Craig seminal “Landcruising”, Warp’s “Artificial Intelligence” and Black Dog Production “Bytes”, this album bridges the gap between here and there, now and then : where time stands still. This is a collaborative release from Compost Records and Drumpoet Community.