Afriquoi – Sam sam [Mawimbi]

afriquoi - mawimbi
Afriquoi are back with their ‘Time is a Gift Which We Share All the Time’ EP. Taken from a line from the track ‘Ndeko Solo’, the title is a reminder of the blessedness of being alive and the intimate connection of all things.This is the first EVER Afriquoi release where the whole band has gone into the studio to record a full live-band sound, playing together at Octagon Studios, putting down songs that were written collaboratively and honed over years on live stages. It was recorded with the assistance of Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist, Onipa) to help capture the right live sound.

More than any of Afriquoi’s previous releases, this EP allows each member’s individual sound and talent to shine: Jally Kebba Susso’s exquisite kora playing, Fiston Lusambo’s intricate Congolese guitar, uplifting vocals from Andre Espeut, crisp percussion from André Marmot, tasteful chords from Nico Bentley and beats from Oli Cole.

Guitarist Fiston Lusambo explains: “we wanted to create a style of music which does not exist yet by combining Congolese guitar, Gambian kora, African Djembe and mixing them with European music… this EP is a result of our work where each of us has put his talent in it, we think we have now something which is what we wanted”. Parisian label Mawimbi are the perfect match for the band, having established themselves as champions of afro-tinged electronic music , through their long-running nights in Paris, their DJ sets, their label releases and their own productions and remixes for the likes of Oumou Sangaré, Femi Kuti, Cerrone & more.