Guy Contact – Nice 2 B Free [Haŵs]

haws013 A side record
Tripped-out, leisurely house and breaks comprises the next drop on Haŵs, and for the established Welsh imprint, number 13 is far from unlucky – in fact, it’s coming in as ecstatic. Perth producer Guy Contact takes the reigns for ‘Euphoria Simulator’, a 6-track EP radiating with all the charm and optimism of a liberated future.

Opening the first of four house tracks, ‘Into The Blue’ makes light work of bass melodies and fresh kicks, bouncing skywards as though emerging from a thinning fog into a clear day. ‘Nice 2 B Free’ is imbued with touches of sentimentality, pouring outwards like the laissez-faire movements of a serene dancer entwined within a group of friends. The eccentric ‘Whip Crack Cowboy’ takes the camaraderie of country twang into a colourful new world, mediating psychedelic guitar strings into harmony with synths and a cathartic house beat.

On the B-side, the titular ‘Euphoria Simulator’ doubles down on the bass but keeps its overall ride light and airy, dipping between piano, synths and rhythms warm enough to breathe emotion into a cold room. The final two tracks untether from their house confines: ‘Amphibian Pool’ dubs down into a hypnotic, marine-level drift, elongating croaky basslines alongside punchy breaks and acid lines during its descent. Finally, ‘Subaquatic Jungle’ hits the ocean floor, discovering an enigmatic world alive with a fauna of percussion and distortions that slope through dense, bassy undercurrents.

For anyone looking to impart a kaleidoscope of blissful feelings onto dancefloors, ‘Euphoria Simulator’ sits patiently ready to heighten the senses.


text has been provided by the label.