Kapote – Delirio Italiano [Toy Tonics]

It’s always been a bit of a mystery who’s running Toy Tonics, but after years of secrecy, they now reveal that Kapote & Munk are in fact the same person – Mathias Modica. For those that do not know, Mathias is an Italian/German music nerd, DJ, keyboard wizard, and producer based in Berlin who’s also behind the successful label GOMMA. Having developed the careers of Black Loops, Jad & The, Coeo, Mangabey, and Rhodes & Brown, he is now gearing up for his first album release as Kapote titled What It Is.

This album consists of ten tracks which are a combination of live instruments, clever production and rare samples. Much like the ethos of Toy Tonics, this LP blends an unforgettable assortment of jazz-funk and quality house that’s appropriate for almost any dancefloor. The track we are premiering for you today happens to be “Delirio Italiano” and it’s pure, unadulterated Italo disco. From start to finish, it lays out a funk-fuelled jam with a deep bassline and the nasty ramblings of an Italian girl to boot.

If Italo disco is your thing (which I know it is), make sure to pre-order your copy by clicking on this right here! The record is set to hit stores on May 17th.